GCSE results – saltash.net: stars and superstars!

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This year has seen an enormous overhaul of the GCSE system. English and Maths GCSEs are now much more demanding and are graded from 9-1 instead of A*-G, so students are now awarded one of nine grades instead of eight for these subjects. At the top end, a grade 7 is roughly the equivalent to an A grade, with an 8 being like an A* and a 9 even better than that (a ‘superstar’ maybe?!); awarded for “exceptional performance.”

In the light of these changes, saltash.net is incredibly proud that a fantastic fourteen grade 9s were awarded to our students in English or Maths with Harriet Hunt and Charlie Potts both achieving two. What an accolade!

In addition, we are delighted that a large number of subjects have seen an increase in A*-C grades this year. In Art, an amazing 85% of students achieved A*-C grades whilst in History nearly a quarter of students achieved A*-A grades. PE also tripled the number of A* grades awarded.

Other top performing students, achieving the equivalent of 11 A*-A grades were Jack Pritchard and Megan Seymour. Close on their heels with 10 A*-A grades were Daisy Ashford, Amy Donovan, Kaley Gibbs, Amelia Horne and George Seymour. With nine top grades were Emily Congo, Ethan Cox, Harriet Hunt, Lucie Jones and Danny Snook.

Although these are the stand-out stories, we are equally pleased with all the students who have achieved or beaten their target grades and all those who have faced particularly challenging personal circumstances. A special mention must go to Megan Slocombe from our Area Resource Base, The Zone, who achieved two GCSEs: what a fantastic result.

Speaking on results’ day, Headteacher, Miss Littledyke summed up the school’s successes: “The students and staff have shown incredible resilience and determination in the face of the GCSE reforms and increased expectations this year. It is wonderful to see all that hard work has paid off, not only in an excellent set of GCSE results, but also in such a lovely group of well-rounded young people. They have made us all very proud.”

Head of Year, Mr Feldwick said, “What a cracking group of young people!  Fun and positive, able and gutsy.  I am really proud to have been their Head of Year and am delighted that, against the odds, they have done so well.  They never gave up! No matter what changes occurred they kept trying.  I am sure that they will go on to greater things and I can’t wait to watch their next steps on the journey.”

Students Amelia Horne, Harriet Hunt and Kaley Gibbs with their results.