GCSE Results 2014

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Although still awaiting the outcome of some of the GCSE results, saltash.net community school had a great deal to celebrate on the morning of Thursday 21st August 2014.  There were many wonderful successes across the full ability range, from the most gifted and talented young people, targeted A* and A grades, to students attending the school’s Area Resource Base for whom learning and sitting examinations is a considerable challenge.

At the top end, saltash.net’s Year 11 students excelled themselves.  They smashed their target of 12% achieving at least 3A* or A grades, with a superb 19% gaining this particular outcome.  The top performing student was Ellie Spencer whose 9A* and 2A grades at GCSE plus a B grade in AS Level Maths were made all the more remarkable as she had been receiving treatment throughout her GCSE years for the cancer she was diagnosed with whilst in Year 9.

Also achieving very highly were Lauren Armstrong 8A* and 3As, Ellen Hambly 8A* and 2As, James Duff 8A* and 1A, Georgina Curtis 7A* and 3As, Chloe Soltysik 6A*, 4As and a C in AS Level Maths, and Molly Stubbs 6A* and 4A grades.

For Trematon Area Resource Base student, Joe Russon, there was also a significant success as he notched up an E grade for his English Language GCSE.  The English GCSE results, overall, were particularly strong, with 84% of the cohort of 224 students achieving A*-C grades.

Commenting on this year’s results day, headteacher, Mrs Bryce, said, ‘It was a year of many challenges, both for the school and for a large number of our young people sitting exams this summer.  As a school, we were faced with a change of government policy part way through the GCSE courses, regarding the publication of first entry results.  We made the decision to proceed with our original plans, allowing all of our students to sit their English and Maths GCSEs in November.  We believe this was definitely the right decision as we placed the students’ interests above a concern with where our school would be placed in a performance table.  It was really encouraging to see the positive impact this approach had on the students in our Year 11 cohort:  success in November was a key motivator for some, whilst others had the chance to learn from their first entry and improve their grade in the summer, grades which will be life changing for some.  We are very proud of all of our students and wish them every success with future plans.’

The senior leadership team’s Year 11 link, Brendan Lee, added, ‘Having worked with numerous year groups, I have been particularly impressed with the commitment and perseverance demonstrated by the students in this cohort.  Over the past two years, their self-belief and desire to achieve have been outstanding.  I have watched them blossom into a wonderful group of young people and I am delighted that they are now in such a strong position to embark upon the next stage of their lives.’

Summary of top performing students’ successes:

Ellie Spencer9A*, 2A plus a B in AS Level Maths
Lauren Armstrong8A*. 3A
Ellen Hambly8A*, 2A
James Duff8A*, 1A
Georgina Curtis7A*, 3A
Chloe Soltysik6A*, 4A plus a C in AS Level Maths
Molly Stubbs6A*, 4A
Tim Pook4A*, 5A
Paul Gerry4A*, 4A plus a B in AS Level Maths
Matt Seymour4A*, 4A
Jasmine Donovan3A*, 7A
Adelle Cragg3A*, 4A
Gabriel Crocombe2A*, 3A plus a B in AS Level Maths
Marie Hall2A*, 3A
Freya Morrison2A*, 2A
Gemma Bennett1A*, 5A
Mark Hall1A*, 5A
Jacob Hunt1A*, 4A
Matt Palk1A*, 4A
Lauren Pascoe1A*, 3A
Kate Kowalska1A*, 3A
Cameron Ladlow1A*, 3A
Tom Easson8A
Joe Mawson7A
Anna Davis6A
James Cosgrove6A
Tom Manuel6A
Emma Taylor5A
Jamie Shannon5A
Lamorna Southern4A
Hannah Paull4A
Isaac Spencer4A