First Week Done!

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It has been a very positive week so far. Everyone has settled very well and are coping with the new routines. Today the students had their photos taken by an external professional photographer, and will be bringing a card home with the details on how you can look at, and order photos.
We had several very wet children this morning. Even though they had coats on the rain went straight through soaking them. Please can you check if your child’s coat is waterproof.
This week I have been particularly proud of three year 10 students that have joined some mainstream lessons. Well done!

Our teaching groups have changed to suit the needs of the students. We now have the groups @,#,*,? and !. All lessons are being taught in small groups.
Lets hope it’s the last of the rain. The students were a credit to you yesterday during the storms. Even though it was scary they did very well to focus on their learning.