Eyes down for a World record

Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 in News | No Comments

On World Maths day this year students and staff weren’t just content with trying a few Maths questions or having a quiz. Instead, this year, they had their sights set a little higher, on a World Record attempt. Students were asked to gather in the hall if they wanted to take part in the event during their lunchtime.

“It was a little nerve racking to be honest,” said Enrichment Coordinator Scott Wieprecht. “Asking our young people to give up their lunchtime to celebrate Maths might have been a disaster in some schools, but things turned out rather well.”

By rather well, Mr Wieprecht was referring to the 99 students plus 5 staff that attended the event bringing the total to over the 100 mark. The big question is: was this enough to break a record?

“The honest answer is at this moment in time I don’t know,” said Mr Wieprecht, adding, ‘We contacted Guinness World Records before the event to enquire but as this had to happen on a specific date, and their response times are up to 6 weeks we will have to wait and see. We wouldn’t beat the biggest cash bingo game, but students aren’t able to participate in that so we have asked them to consider this as a fresh record.”

But the day wasn’t all about breaking a record. “While we would love to think we could take on a World Record the real success of the day was getting our young people talking about Maths and numbers and letting them celebrate the day.”