EPQ Presentation Day

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On Tuesday the 19th of March, Year 12 students at saltash.net presented their findings of their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and the challenges they faced throughout the process.

Students were asked to set up a stall and they were given the choice of what they would like to present to their supervisor. Lots of students decided to use a PowerPoint to help present their findings, as well as that some students decided to print off recent articles to show off their evidence and give their supervisor an idea of what they researched and discovered.

Governors, teachers, parents and friends had a look around at some of the stalls and were really impressed. Some teachers gave us some of their thoughts whilst looking around. Kate Littledyke, the Head Teacher of the school expressed her thoughts by saying, “The students have really excelled this year with their choices of challenging topics and it is lovely to see so many artefacts.”

She wasn’t the only teacher to make a comment on the impressive efforts by the students this year. Vicki Baxter, EPQ coordinator, who has led the students through the process expressed her thoughts by saying, “I am so proud of what all students have managed to achieve; they have really impressed me.” As well as that SMART CEO Dan Buckley commented on the students’ efforts by saying: “Really impressed with the passion displayed by the students for their chosen topics.”

Students were nervous before presenting, with some students having to present to such a large audience for the first time, but with the support of their EPQ supervisors and friends, they overcame their initial anxiety and excelled. It was a proud moment for all Year 12s.