BBC Bitesize – Free online activities 

Classcharts – For home learning tasks set by teachers 

GCSEPod –  

Oak National Academy – Plenty of lessons, quizzes and worksheets 





My Maths – 

This one has a login, which we aren’t allowed to put on a public website, but ask a friend/your Maths teacher, as it’s the same for everyone.  This website teaches pupils all aspects of KS3,4 and 5 Maths. It has questions to try and answer as well as games etc. 

Mathsgenie – 

This site has teaching videos , exam-type questions to try and full written solutions. This also gives access to past exam papers for A level and for GCSE. Pupils working through KS3 can also access the topics they are working on. 

DrFrostMaths – 

This website has everything. Videos, worksheets, topic tests, revision worksheets, games and more. The best feature though is the ability to work through past GCSE and A-Level Maths papers and get instant feedback as to how you are performing. 



Tassomai (Years 10 and 11) (this can also be downloaded as an app) 

PhET Interactive simulations 

Something a bit different? 


Art & Design Technology 



Key stage 4 and 5 

  • Isaac computer Science 
  • – Smart revise – By craig n Dave (including their youtube videos) – [] 

 Key stage 3 and 4  

Food & Nutrition 


Health and Social Care 

History & Politics 




Here are 3 useful Careers websites. 

Please see the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Careers’ pages on our website for more.  



Simply Psychology 

This website is very useful for revision and consolidation of classwork and is popular with our students. 

Tutor2U Psychology pages 

This site has short summaries, videos and extra resources for all parts of the Psychology specification. 

British Psychological Society 

The professional organisation for psychologists in the UK. This is especially useful for students considering career options with a Psychology A Level or degree. 

RE & Philosophy 


The Hectic Teacher Sociology site 

This website is full of A Level Sociology resources and is very useful and popular with our students. 

Tutor2U Sociology pages 

This site has lots of short resources and videos which are useful in consolidating knowledge after lessons. 

The British Sociological Association 

The Professional Organisation for sociologists is a really good source of information for those considering studying Sociology at all levels especially for detail on links to career choices.