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Let us introduce ourselves 

CSW is an organisation that supports young people as they make important transitions in their lives. We do this through our network of Career Development Consultants who are all qualified career guidance practitioners. We provide targeted support to young people in education which means we have advisers linked to all schools and can provide additional help at key times including exam results days.  We continue to provide support as young people take their first steps into the world of work, offering advice and guidance to ensure they are aware of the options open to them and have dedicated advisers who work with those who find themselves NEET (not in education, employment or training).

Why we may contact you in the future?   

Alongside our work in education we support Cornwall Council to meet their statutory duty to support all young people aged 16-19 to participate in education or training. Every year CSW contact young people, normally by telephone, who have left statutory school to see whether they have continued in education, have moved into employment or whether they need any support to access education or employment.  In most cases schools and colleges are able to give us this information but sometimes we will need to contact young people or their parents to ask for this information – this allows us to also offer support to those who need it.

Are you getting the help you need?       

You don’t need to wait for us to call you to ask for support!  You can contact us now if you need support using the foll

owing methods:

          Adviser Online: www.cswgroup.co.uk/contact  Mon-Fri 1pm-6pm

          Email: contact@cswgroup.co.uk

          Telephone: 0800 97 55 111

Exam results 2020

Are you worried about your results or want more information on the options available to you? CSW will be offering a Results Rescue Service for all education leavers from Thursday 13th August until the end of August.  We will have qualified advisers available to take your calls or respond to on-line queries during this time – contact us on 0800 97 55 111