Cornwall Manufacturers Group donate 3D Printer to

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IMG_6656-2a community school was thrilled to receive a 3D Printer which had been donated by the Cornwall Manufacturers’ Group to further enhance Engineering and Design and Technology provision.

The school has already invested in one 3D Printer during the school year 2014-15, but it was proving so popular, especially with students studying for their GCSE and A Level exams, that Head of Technology, David Jolly, began liaising with local businesses and manufacturers to see if a second one could be sourced.

Ex-governor, Ken Martin, Secretary of the Cornwall Manufacturers’ Group, was able to support the school in its quest and at the end of the Autumn Term a second printer arrived in school.

Commenting on the difference the 3D Printer would have, David Jolly, said, “Being able to use a 3d printer and its software is an industry level skill. It gives our students the confidence to talk to and work with local future employers, which adds value to their education.”

Ken Martin, added, “Manufacturing/engineering is a wonderful career and is so much different than it used to be. It is vital that young people see the exciting developments such as 3D printing which can help influence their work and study choices. Manufacturing in Cornwall is vibrant and pays well and we want to let young people know about it so are delighted to support the school in this way.”