Ellie’s Haven is a charity that plans to offer relief to children suffering long term and life limiting illnesses.

It plans to do this by offering free holidays so that children and their families can spend quality time together away from their normal surroundings.  They’ll be able to relax and share experiences with other families and with Julie and Nigel Libby, the inspiration behind this project, who sadly lost two children to early deaths from complex medical conditions.

To this end, Ellie’s Haven has purchased an existing property for conversion into a holiday haven in south-east Cornwall.   The haven will cater for up to two families at a time and the accommodation will be free of charge.

The charity secured planning permission for its project in April 2012.  It had already raised sufficient funds to purchase the property in September 2012 and is now working towards raising an additional £250,000 to pay for building work and fitting out.  It expects to achieve this in two years and to start offering holidays to eligible families in Spring 2015.

A survey of prospective users indicates high demand for this non-medical centre, which is far less costly to establish and operate than a conventional children’s hospice. However, it complements rather than competes with hospices, focusing on providing holidays for the whole family rather than medical care for the disabled child.

The charity gets its name from Ellie, Julie and Nigel’s daughter, who passed away on 5th January 2012, just a few weeks before her seventh birthday.

This really is a cause worth giving to and anyone who would like to make a contribution would be most welcome, click here to visit the Ellie’s Haven Website.

The Ellie’s Haven website now has pages for each of it’s supporters including the Saltash Community School page, which can be found here;
Ellie’s Haven Supporters – Saltash Community School