Students show they are SMART web designers

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SMART students at a school council meeting

Students from across the SMART schools at a school council meeting at Looe students were among children from all six schools who will join the SMART Academies Trust who came together at Looe Community Academy this week, to work on the new SMART Trust website.

Event organisers Amelia (Year 11 from, Mia (Year 9 from Looe) and James (Year 9 from Liskeard), kicked off the event with ice breaker games. After this, students split into groups to research websites and bring together the best ideas. Each group chose five ideas that they would like to see influence the design of the new website, and reported back to the whole group in the last session of the day.

Dan Buckley, joint CEO of SMART said:

“Given how important the internet is to this generation, it was no surprise that the children chose the design of the website as the topic of their first MAT Council meeting. What did surprise all of us, was the highly professional way in which the children planned, organised and led the discussions.”

Mr. Luscombe, who works at Liskeard Community College and is designing the new website, worked alongside the students and now has the task of including the ideas into the site.

Mr. Luscombe commented that “the students have come up with so many practical and useful ideas. It will be great to hear their feedback on the final site.”

The website should ‘go live’ within the next two weeks and a group of students has been nominated by the council to continue working with the web designer.