Chennai, this is Saltash calling!

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A Year 7 tutor group at were introduced to some of the facts about Indian culture via a Skype video call in their music lesson in June.

7HC contacted the PSBB Millennium School in Chennai, India, after the school asked for us to help them with their project on beaches.

Students from PSBB aged 10 had been looking at beaches in their own country but wanted to know more about these in the UK.  7HC were able to answer a variety of questions about our summers, temperatures, beaches and hobbies before asking a range of questions in return about food, sports, and where exactly Chennai was.  Most shocking to our students was the idea of having temperatures well in excess of 40 degrees during the Indian summers!

PSBB had also requested that our students teach them a beach song, and so in typical British style we treated them to a rousing performance of ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!’.

Thanks to 7HC for their energy and enthusiasm during the activity.

Nicola Silvester