Challenge – TEAM Saltash Around the World in 25 days!

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Welcome to our whole school challenge for both staff and students from all year groups.

Our Target – to travel 25,000 miles in 25 days,  this would take us Around the world in 25 days!

We have got to Germany! We need more mileage from our school community!

This is a massive challenge, however, as a TEAM if we combine and add our daily distances together and all do our little bit, we can do it!

Please follow the link below to enter your distance travelled each day. Some of you may have Apps where you can map your route etc to monitor this, some may have gadgets that can calculate your daily distance travelled. If you are not able to do this, then this is an opportunity to practice using a science formula…

Distance = Speed x Time

(When walking the average speed travelled is 4 miles per hour (1.8m/s), so use this as a guide).

If you have any images of you contributing the challenge, you can also share these via the same link.


Our running total will be shown on the school website and will be updated regularly.


We have until the 20th of July to complete it!!!


Good luck and enjoy! Go TEAM Saltash!