Central Park tests saltash.net students

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in News | No Comments

A group of Year 11 saltash.net community school students, who are currently undertaking a GCSE PE course, had the opportunity to go to Central Park in Plymouth to test their orienteering skills on a course outside of school. There are a number of routes in Central Park over a 3 mile area, with some routes covering the whole area. Students had to map read, write down controls and take bearings, all against the clock. All who took part in the day were excellent, with many members of the public in Plymouth commenting on the smiling students from Saltash running across the parkland with their maps and compasses. Mrs Cooke, PE Teacher and School Sports coordinator said, ‘The students responded extremely well to the challenge and were able to practise a range of skills, many of which were key life skills as well as PE specific.”