We believe that encounters with employers and employees help inspire and inform students and are vital in delivering a quality careers programme preparing students for a successful future.

Activities such as  ‘I Love My Job’ talks for Year 7 and speed networking for older year groups (where volunteers talk about their job role to groups of students) are organised to ensure that students have as many meaningful encounters with an employer/employee each school year.

In reality, students have more than this, as organised whole year and targeted events are complemented by subject teachers organising visits and inviting business volunteers into their lessons.  Employers can also play an important role in supporting students develop employability skills both within lessons and the many events that we organise throughout the year.

In addition, the school is always looking for new work experience and work shadowing opportunities for students.

We are always looking for employers to get involved and if you would like to support the college in anyway, getting involved in any of the activities mentioned above, please get in contact with Emma Gue at egue@saltashcloud.net.