Bringing Europe to .net

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in News | No Comments community school has been continuing its globally recognised efforts to embed technology at the heart of learning by holding a video conference with an MEP hundreds of miles away in Brussels.

A Level Politics students at spent half an hour chatting to Sir Graham Watson, MEP for the South West, asking questions and hearing his views on topics as diverse as Syria, Privacy and the Duchess of Cambridge, Liberalism, the Euro, a European Army and European Speed Limits.

Year 13 Politics student, and school Deputy Head Student, Jack Crosley said, “I thought it was very interesting; he answered all of our questions and I have tweeted him to say thanks.” Head of Politics Adam Killeya added, “The talk fitted in brilliantly with the students’ studies, and helped to bring real world politics direct into the classroom. We are now looking to do more video conferences, and have contacted both Parliament and Downing Street to see if they would be interested.”

Sir Graham, who has represented residents in the South West since 1994, said, “It was great to be able to link up with students back in Saltash and answer all their questions about what the EU does.”

“We talked about everything from air pollution in the region, the work I am doing on climate change to philosophy and what it means to be liberal today. They were extremely well-informed about everything from foreign policy to Nick Clegg’s apology. As I said, Blair and Milliband can learn a thing or two from Clegg and apologise for what they got wrong too!”