Bring your grown up to school

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A maths teacher wrapped up in a curtain for a cloak? A dad on his hands and knees as Bishop Trelawny’s horse (with Bishop Trelawny riding!)? Scale models of an RNLI lifeboat and a Sea King helicopter made of sugar paper and paint? Six Year 7s dressed up as the pilchards in stargazey pie? It can only be Bring Your Grown-Up To School Morning at community school!

Following on from the success of last year, Bring Your Grown-Up To School looks to be a fixture of Year 7 at Over 100 Grown-Ups belonging to members of Year 7 came in to school on Wednesday 17th October to join in with school life for a morning and to get an insight into what Year 7 really is all about.

12 Cornish Heroes were picked, but the question was: which one is the best and most heroic? 12 groups of Year 7s and their Grown-Ups were challenged to convince the judges that their hero was “the one”. The only rule was that the convincing could not exceed 3 minutes. An exciting mixture of craft materials and new technologies were presented to each group… and they had 2 hours to come up with the most amazing presentation.

We had a classic Cornish folk song turned into a rap, a human reconstruction of the Eden Project biomes, an edge-of-your-seat movie trailer, a St Piran puppet show, numerous amazing disguises, costumes and theatre props all made of cardboard… oh yes, and paint and tissue paper everywhere! This is what Integrated Learning looks like when a challenge is set and the Grown-Ups are invited to join in.

For the students this was an opportunity to show off their skills of independent learning, group collaboration and creativity developed in their new Integrated Learning lessons. For their Grown-Ups it was a chance to rediscover glue, poster paint and play-acting. As one Grown-Up said; “I enjoyed making time to work with my daughter.” Another commented that they had had “an extremely fun time and learned something new. Who would have thought school could be like this?”

The aim of Bring Your Grown-Up To School Morning is to welcome parents and carers into their children’s school life more, now that they have reached secondary school. “It was fantastic to see so many parents joining in with the activities and the parents had a great taster of how works,” said event organiser and Assistant Head of Year 7, Emma Metters. The Grown-Ups brought along ranged from mums, dads and carers, to sisters and cousins, and even a good number of grandparents. One commented that this was “the best day they’d had at school for 65 years!”

The winning hero was Tom Bawcock (of The Mousehole Cat fame). Well done to Miss Childs’ group and the Grown-Ups belonging to Molly Banks, Abi Baker, Devon Bennett-Murray, Sharna Braddon, Freddie Brasher and Emma Doney!