‘Bring Your Grown Up To School’

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With just over half a term at saltash.net under their belts, our Year 7s were invited to bring their families into school to discover just what the students get up to.

Bring Your Grown-Up To School, an annual tradition at saltash.net, took place on Thursday 10th November, and featured a morning of superb creativity, from both students and parents. This year’s BYGUTS was a record breaking event, with over 150 grown-ups coming to enjoy and take part in the fun.

Students and their parents were split into groups, each being led by a member of teaching staff, and assigned a Cornish hero on which they were to create a creative and eye-catching presentation.

Participation by all involved was fantastic, as the groups got stuck into Cornish figures such as novelist Daphne du Maurier, the Eden Project’s Tim Smit, master mariner Captain Bligh, Bishop Trelawney, the last native Cornish-speaker, Dolly Pentreath, and the crew of the Penlee Lifeboat disaster.

The morning’s activities were based on Integrated Learning, a subject that Year 7 take alongside more traditional subjects like English, Maths and Science. Integrated Learning teaches students about the “SECRET” skills of Self-management, Effective participation, Creative thinking, being a Reflective learner, an independent Enquirer and an effective Team worker.

The creative limits of both students and parents showed no bounds, as all groups created fantastic art displays, whilst others also opted to present their hero via song and dance. Students had earlier made full use of the resource banks, containing every colour of paint, glue, paper and everything needed to create a wonderful work of art.

Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Griffin, once more acting as judge, enjoyed all the performances, but deemed Mrs Benzie’s group’s presentation on Captain Bligh, from HMS Bounty to be the best.

Students from the winning group have been treated to a breakfast during registration as a reward for their hard work and victory.

“We really aim to welcome parents and carers into their children’s school lives,” explained Grant Taylor, Head of Year 7 and Transition. “Bring Your Grown-Up To School day is a real celebration of how well Year 7 have settled into this next stage of their learning journey!  They are proud to show off their new school to their families, and we are proud of our fantastic Year 7s!”

Parents left very positive feedback, with many praising the friendly and fun atmosphere, whilst one parent noted that that having the chance to work with her daughter, alongside her classmates and other parents was a real plus.