Bring Your Grown-Up To School

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After less than half a term at Year 7 opened up the school doors to their curious families, as once again Bring Your Grown-Up To School day took place, this year on Thursday 15th October.

Just a matter of weeks before, the students were super-brave Year 6s, waving fond goodbyes to their familiar primary schools, setting out on their transition to secondary school. The trepidation was huge: what about getting lost? Or making new friends? Or meeting new teachers?

But WOW!!!! It was with confidence and enthusiasm that just a few weeks later Year 7 welcomed mums, dads, grans and cousins to join them for a school day. An extended Integrated Learning challenge was set to the students and their grown-ups, for an exciting window into school life.

“Bring Your Grown-Up To School Day is all about building links between home and school, and welcoming parents and carers into their children’s school lives,” explained Grant Taylor, Head of Year 7 and Transition. “There is sometimes a perception that secondary schools are a bit of a closed book to parents and carers, but here at we like to encourage interaction between school and home.”

Feedback from the grown-ups shows that they seem to agree. “We have loved being a part of our son’s Bring Your Grown-Up To School day and being able to be a part of what he does here,” said one family, and added, “Loved it! Thank you.” One grandparent commented that it was “nice to bring everyone together, both from in and outside of the school,” and a mum said that it was “interesting to get a feel for what it is like to be a pupil in this school”. She went on to say how much she “enjoyed sharing the morning with my daughter and seeing how she fits in.”

Alongside the more traditional subjects like English, Maths and Science Year 7s enjoy Integrated Learning as one of their lessons. This is all about the “SECRET” skills of Self-management, Effective participation, Creative thinking, being a Reflective learner, an independent Enquirer and an effective Team worker. Groups of parents and students working alongside each other were presented with a potential hero for Cornwall – such well-known (and somewhat less well-known) names like novelist Daphne du Maurier, the Eden Project’s Tim Smit, master mariner Captain Bligh, Bishop Trelawny, the last native Cornish-speaker Dolly Pentreath, and the crew of the Penlee Lifeboat disaster. Dad’s iPhone, the .net library, student 1:2:1 Project laptops and colourful resource banks were drawn on in equal combinations as teams worked out how they could convince the stern judge (in actuality Mrs Griffin, Deputy Head Teacher, who looks forward to Bring Your Grown-Up To School day each year as one of her firm favourites in the school calendar!) that their candidate should win. “I learned lots about Cornish Heroes,” commented one parent. “I hadn’t expected that!”

By the end of the morning, after the oversized bits of cardboard, coloured tissue paper, paint and glue had all met their creative ends (“sorry about the paint on the table!” apologised one dad) we were once again treated to the fantastic outcomes of collaborative team work and creative approaches. Mums, dads and grandparents bravely joined in with the presentations, and all were more eye-catching and inventive than ever this year. But it was the dad with a guitar who swung the judging with his accompaniment of the Bishop Trelawny group’s rendition of Song of the Western Men – it was enough to raise the hairs on the back of the neck! A true moment of Cornish Pride.

And pride was something of a theme on that day, too, it turns out. Our Year 7s were proud to show off their new school and new learning styles to their parents; parents were delighted with how confidently their children have settled into secondary education; and the Year 7 Pastoral team at – well they couldn’t be more proud of their fantastic Year 7s! Well done Year 7. And well done their Grown-Ups!