Boys ‘Turn the Tables’ for Multiplication Day

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Multiplication Day

Students from community school faced, for the second consecutive year, a very important task – could they beat their previous record for World Multiplication Day.

The day followed much the same pattern as in previous years, with students being asked five multiplication questions from any of the twelve times tables. Students who got all five correct were classed as having passed the task, those who got even a single question wrong did not. Those who correctly answered all five correct were also given a certificate to enter the second round of the competition.

Last year students managed to get a very respectable 71.3%, which was 10% higher than the World average for the event. This year it would be difficult to beat their previous best as the Mathematics Department still wanted to include everyone in the day, from their top set students to those without a natural ability in Maths.

Maths Enrichment coordinator at the school, Scott Wieprecht, explained, “The important thing about this, and all the events we run throughout the year here, is that it’s fully inclusive. We want every single young person at this school to interact with Mathematics as much as possible and realise it’s such an integral part of wider life. We teach most of our lessons in the department via games based learning so the idea of competition is nothing new, but knowing they were competing against people from across the world certainly gave them an extra ‘buzz’ and incentive.”

Taking part in the event this year were a pretty impressive 301 students from across all Key Stages at the school, split fairly evenly with 145 boys and 156 girls. More impressive however was that out of the students taking part 249 of them got all the questions correct without error, and therefore passed the test. This meant that this year’s pass rate was a ‘whopping’ 82.7%, over 10% higher again than last year, and over 20% above the World average!

The tables also turned on the gender challenge this year. In 2012 the girls narrowly beat the boys by less than 1.5%. This year the boys returned the favour, with a pass rate of 83.4% and the girls narrowly behind with 82% meaning once again the gap was just over 1%, but still incredible results by all.

“This is an amazing achievement by our students,” continued Mr Wieprecht. “Not only have they again beaten the global average, but they have made a massive improvement on last year! The only downside is I now have 12 months to worry about how on earth we are going to be able to beat this year’s result!”