At Saltash, our assessments are used to inform our planning, ensuring we respond to the emerging needs of our students. We ensure students know how well they are achieving and their next steps to improve. Our curriculum is carefully planned and sequenced in order to build conceptual knowledge and understanding, and assessment helps us to identify and address misconceptions.  

We regularly check recall of knowledge in lessons, using questioning, quizzes and ‘Do It Now’ tasks. In Years 7-11 students sit a termly ‘application check’, which may be in the form of an exam paper for Key Stage 4. These assessments are designed to check how well students can apply their learning, so that the class teacher can be confident that students are ready to move on.  

Students sit formal examinations at the end of Year 11 and Year 13. 

September 2020 – Changes to Assessment and Reporting

Final Changes to Assessment and Reporting HT 3



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Animal Care (BTEC First Award) Assessment Framework

Art Assessment Framework

Biology Assessment Framework

Business Assessment Framework

Chemistry Assessment Framework

Child Development Assessment Framework

Computing Assessment Framework

Drama Assessment Framework

English Language Assessment Framework

English Literature Assessment Framework

Food Assessment Framework

Geography Assessment Framework

History Assessment Framework

Integrated Learning Assessment Framework

Modern Foreign Languages Assessment Framework

Maths Assessment Framework

Media Studies Assessment Framework

Music Assessment Framework

Engineering NCFE Level 1 Assessment Framework

Personal Development Assessment Framework

PE GCSE Theory Assessment Framework

PE Practical Assessment Framework

Physics Assessment Framework

Product Design Assessment Framework

RE Assessment Framework

Science Assessment Framework