Are you one of the 900?

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Every year hundreds of students sit public examinations at

Every year hundreds of students proudly receive the certificates that they have been awarded for their endeavours…and yet…

The school currently holds certificates awarded to close on 900 individuals who have never collected them.

All these certificates must be filed and stored and here is the problem: I am running out of space to store them all!

So, firstly, if you believe that the school may still hold any certificates that were awarded to you, other members of your family or maybe even friends who are no longer in the area, please contact me at the school (contact details below) so that we can confirm whether we do hold the certificates or not.

Hopefully, this might reduce the numbers we hold to a certain extent, but to ensure that numbers are manageable in the future, I must announce that we intend to destroy all unclaimed certificates after a period of six years from the date of their being awarded. (The awarding bodies actually authorise destruction of unclaimed certificates after just one year.)

Please note that we do not send certificates via the post or any other carrier. They need to be collected from the school either by the person named on the certificate or by a third party with written authorisation from the certificate holder.

If on enquiry, you discover that we do hold any of your certificates, please tell us when you would like to collect them (giving at least 24 hours notice) so that we can have them available for you when you arrive.


Contact details:
Paul Atkinson
Examinations Officer
01752 843715 (option 3)