ARB Update

Posted by on Sep 13, 2021 in ARB Blog, News | No Comments

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our second week back! We are continuing to be impressed with the way that the students have been settling into their new routines in spite of some big changes from last year. Whether they have started new subjects in the main school, gone to get their lunch in the canteen for the first time or (as in the case of our year 7s) started at a completely new school, all of our students have shown tremendous resilience in their first few days.

Other changes that our students have encountered are in the way that we have laid out the rooms at the ARB. The main classroom has now become a common room and chillout space which students can use before school and during break times. It has been really enjoyable to sit with some of the students around the big table at lunchtime and talk about the day’s learning or share a joke.