A Midsummer Night’s Dream School production December 2012

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The dream is finally over and the magical forest has disappeared from the school hall. It was a challenge to do a Shakespeare play this year but all involved rose magnificently to that challenge and enjoyed the journey immensely. This resulted in a production of quality and style in which all of the students in the cast demonstrated how amazingly talented they are as actors. Many members of the audience commented that they felt that could easily have been watching a professional production, that the students spoke Shakespeare faultlessly, with real meaning and understanding, bringing this wonderful play to life.

One audience member said: ‘Tonight I was transported to the late 16th century Globe and it was BRILLIANT.  I am so pleased that the school had the courage to put on a ‘Shakespeare’ and do it so well. So many strokes of genius, so many talented young people and how wonderful to see so many, really confident actors developing.’

Another said:  ‘What a splendid, articulate, well-chosen and cleverly-costumed cast, handling the dialogue so expertly and giving such effective physical performances too! The stage was ideally arranged and the effects of lighting, smoke etc. were aptly and atmospherically introduced. Scene succeeded scene with smooth precision and everyone knew their cues perfectly, evidence of a meticulous programme of rehearsals.’

Thank you to all involved for making this year’s whole school production such a great success.

Mrs Loyn and Mrs Haighton