All for a good cause!

Posted by on Jun 16, 2014 in News | No Comments was delighted to be able to respond to a member of staff’s request to raise money for a charity close to his heart. Below is an account from teacher of ICT, Mr James Edwards on what prompted him to ask for fundraising support from the school community:

“About 7 months ago several members from the gym I attend asked if I would like to take part in a charity event for Treliske Hospital children’s unit on the 25th May. The event involved carrying a weighted pack between 20kg – 25kg 30 miles across north Dartmoor in around 10 hours. At the time I was not that fit but thought if I worked hard for the next 7 months I would be able to get into shape for the event.

Treliske Hospital is where my youngest daughter, Tilly, was born prematurely, 7 weeks early. As you can imagine, this hospital is a cause very close to my heart, as without the specialist children’s unit’s care and support I have no doubt that Tilly would not be with us today.

The seven months of training and getting fit soon passed and on the 25th May we were up at 3am to set off at 4am. The weather on the day was horrendous! I can’t remember how many times we got drenched and dried out and drenched again but it was a lot. If you are in a shop trying to decide if you want something that’s “water resistant” or “water proof” always go for water proof! We did get lost a few times and had to retrace our steps for about a mile or so. The visibility at times was about 20 feet so it was difficult to navigate but we carried on regardless.

Unfortunately at around 13 miles I hurt my left knee. By the halfway point both my knee joints were in agony with every step. I managed to make it to just over 20 miles before having to drop out as we were unsure how we would extract me if I carried on beyond this point. I was very disappointed about this but looking back it did seem the sensible thing to do. I would like to thank the mountain rescue team who were on hand to make sure everyone was safe whilst the challenge took place. community school has been fantastic in supporting this cause and raised an additional £264.64 as a result of an Easter Raffle for the children’s unit and various staff members have sponsored me individually as well. I cannot thank them and the school enough.

Thank you all again.  I’m now looking for the next challenge and I don’t mean walking normally!”

Jimmy Edwards