A Turtle’s Tail – and whole body

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It would be fair to say that when taught from a textbook, volume of a cone and sphere aren’t the most three dimensional of lessons, however that wasn’t the case when Enrichment Co-ordinator Mr Wieprecht’s pet turtle came to pay a visit to his top set Year 11 class.

After spending time finding how to work out a volume using the radius or base, the class were really put through their paces when they had to instead do all the measurements themselves. Making sure all the pieces of the turtle were accounted for, the class then came up with his total volume.

Mr Wieprecht said “It’s important to not just understand the theory behind a formulae or equation, but to actually see it in practice and embed the memory of it into our young people’s learning. I don’t think there are many people in that room that will forget the day Toby Tortoise came to teach them about volume.

Whilst the turtle may not have been real, it certainly was made of real bread, and proved for a very nice plenary to what had been a unique way at looking at complex volume.