A ‘Polished’ Performance!

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On Monday 16th June, saltash.net English department hosted a visit by nine Polish teachers, funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, who were exploring pedagogies and practice with regards to teaching English.

They visited a range of lessons to get a feel for the ways the school not only delivers curriculum content, but also develops skills for learning. In one Year 7 class, students were using QR codes to access a range of writing for different purposes. The visitors were impressed with the level of independence shown by students who find literacy a challenge and were excited to see the students using new technologies to enhance their learning. In other Year 7 lessons students were learning how to formulate effective arguments. One visiting teacher commented that she was impressed with the mature topics chosen by the students and another that she was stunned by how articulate and well-organised the students were, managing a complex debate with no teacher input.

The school’s sixth form students also impressed. The A level Literature students were exploring the conventions of Gothic literature. The visitors commented on the way that the students were engaged and having fun whilst making great progress in their learning. The A level Language students were undertaking analysis of magazine articles, focussing on the ways the English language has changed over time, which led to some really interesting discussion with the visitors regarding the ways languages work.

Speaking at the end of the visit, Assistant Headteacher and Head of English , Kate Littledyke, said, “It was a really valuable day for all involved, sharing ideas and expertise and we look forward to further collaboration in the future through our International Schools Programme.”