Open Evenings 2015

Posted by on Oct 14, 2015 in News | No Comments community school would like to thank all prospective parents and pupils who attended its annual Open Evenings, held on Wednesday 30th September and Thursday 1st October. Both evenings were packed to capacity with visitors able to enjoy a wide range of student led activities across the school.

Welcoming everyone to the school was a group of singers from the recent key stage 2 and 3 production of ‘Peter Pan’ who sang ‘You can Fly’, a song which very much reflects the school’s ‘Believe and Achieve’ motto. Also adding their own words of welcome were Head Students, Georgina Curtis and Paul Gerry, Head of Year 7 and Transition, Grant Taylor, and Headteacher, Isobel Bryce.

After the introductions and welcomes in the school’s main hall, student ambassadors led tours of the site where a whole host of interactive activities awaited everyone in the different curriculum areas.

For anyone who would like to visit the school during the day, appointments can be made by contacting Karen Crook. Please email or contact reception on 01752 843715. The school’s prospectus is available here. Hard copies can also be provided and are obtainable from the school’s main reception.

Good evening! Welcome to community school. My name is Paul Gerry and I am, at present, one of the head students at this school. I have attended this school since the age of 11 having transferred from Burraton Primary school. I have so far obtained both GCSEs and an A Level here, as I was given the opportunity to take my Maths A Level early and I gained an A* in that subject at the end of last year. Now 17 years old, I am currently completing my final year here, studying for three more A Levels in Further Maths, Physics and Computing. I am hoping that come next year I will obtain more high grades enabling me to take up a place at the University of Plymouth to study for a degree in Mathematics with Education.

One of the things which does particularly well is encourage and develop our leadership strengths. As well as studying for my own A Levels, I am also a part time tutor teaching mathematics to mainly year 13 students (including our other head student!) and even though I have finished my maths A Level, I am still attending maths lessons in my free periods and helping out on a voluntary basis in the Maths department (doing my best to annoy the maths teachers, especially our Head of Department, Mr Hawthorne, along the way!)

Seriously, when I achieved my A* in A Level maths in the year just gone by, I was extremely happy as it’s what I had strived for throughout the year – and I did work really hard! However, the A* could not have been achieved without the great teaching and the help and support that the school provides to ensure students can attain the grades they want, and need, for future career success.

In addition to academic help and support, also does all that it can to give us a vast range of enrichment opportunities.  For many years now, we have had termly theme days for all year groups. On these occasions, the typical school timetable is collapsed, and the day has a creative theme designed to develop us not just academically, but also in many other skills and aspects which may be beneficial later in life. Another thing the school organises very successfully is an annual academic review day where students have their say in what they feel they are doing right in school, and also what could be improved to make their learning even more productive.

Our school’s commitment to student voice was seen especially well in the recent mock election. Students from across all year groups, including year 7, put themselves forward as parliamentary candidates, delivering their manifestos in a series of assemblies. It was a tightly fought election, but, in the end, year 11 student, Alex Ferguson, was elected, representing the Supreme Chancellor of Bin Squirrels, aka the Monster Raving Looney Party! Alex, now in Year 12, will sit on the school council, along with all of the other year representatives and ourselves, as Chairs of the Council. We will do all that we can this year to ensure the school continues to improve and take on board the ideas from the student body.

I really hope you enjoy the rest of the open evening. Please feel free to speak to us – the head student team – if you have any questions that you would like to have answered. We will be pleased to assist. Thank you very much!

Paul Gerry Head Boy 2015

Good evening. My name’s Georgina Curtis and I’m currently Head Girl at I came to this school at the age of 11 having transferred from Brunel primary. At the moment I’m in my last year of school, in the school’s Sixth Form, where I’m studying Maths, English Language, and Media Studies A Levels. I’m hoping to go on and study Film and Television Production at university next year. has helped me to explore my passion for film and I’ve been given so many opportunities, such as recently being offered the chance to film the school’s 50th anniversary celebrations and make a short video out of the footage. I am very proud that this film is currently on the school’s website and was used in our final whole school assembly at the end of the summer term. can offer students of all abilities so many things: there are a lot of people here tonight- but I think there is definitely still something the school can offer to meet everyone’s needs. If you’re sporty we have a huge range of sports clubs including rugby, football, netball, hockey, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, and recently we even had a team of Year 9s take part in the Arena Water Sports Festival, which included sailing, surfing and rowing.

We also have the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s award and Ten Tors schemes. If you’re not too keen on the sporty hobbies we have STEM club- a club based on science and maths- where you can do some really interesting experiments, or if you’re musical offers music lessons and clubs. Recently, some students from went on a trip to Truro and performed in the Sounds from the Hub Concert in the Hall for Cornwall. The school also puts on productions every year- they are absolutely fantastic! You can audition for them and get on stage to perform, or – if you don’t have a musical bone in your body, like me – you can become involved with the technical side of the productions or go and see them to show your support!

The school also has a fantastic range of technology available for you to use to support and enrich your learning; you’ll get access to the laptops, iPads, iPods, cameras, and netbooks on a very regular basis. provides such a lively, welcoming, and enriching atmosphere to be in, and really focuses on its students, what they like, and what’s best for them. You’ll get support from the friends you’ll make, your teachers, your form tutors, your head of year, and everyone around you.

It’s so great to see so many people and potential students here today- we can’t wait to show you around the school, to help show you why we love it here so much. Thank you for listening!

Georgina Curtis Head Girl 2015