21,000 miles to share a SECRET

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21,000 miles to share a SECRET 
(Self-Manager, Effective Participator, Creative Thinker, Reflective Learner, Enquirer, Team Worker)

Jeff Davis, CEO of the fastest growing Primary and Secondary Multi Academy Trust in the Gold Coast, Australia, confirmed that visiting saltash.net last Friday was the highlight of his 21,000 mile round trip of ‘world class schools’, a view which was endorsed by fellow visitors, Head of Primary, Joy Geyer and Chair of the Board, Len Oldfield.

The visitors met Jack, Holly and Becky from the Year 7 Tech Team; Matt from the Year 8 Student Ambassador team; Alex from Year 13 coding team and Cort, Becky, Ben and Sarah who, between them, have been involved in most of the student leadership programmes available to KS3.

They visited lessons and talked with teachers and students from eight different subject areas but were particularly interested in Integrated Learning and how we develop the SECRET skills.

Jeff asked, “If SECRET skills are so important, why do you think the school stops teaching Integrated Learning in Year 9?”

He was completely bowled over by the answers from the students.

“Teachers set the spark, then it is up to the students to keep the flame burning,” explained Cort.

“We need to become independent learners. The Teachers in Integrated Learning really help us but it’s our responsibility,” suggested Sarah.

Becky added, “In Year 9 most teachers use SECRET skills all the time; Miss Sayer, for example, includes them in every RE lesson.”

On returning to Australia Jeff plans to introduce the SECRET skills across his schools, taught through an Integrated Learning style approach and assessed using the Zappr praise and reward software written by Alex in Year 13.  They wish to spread the model to other schools and share the remarkable work of the students at saltash.net.

Deputy Head and author of the SECRET skills, Dan Buckley, commented:

“It was such a joy to spend the morning hearing our ‘world class’ students inspiring and amazing our Australian guests.  Integrated Learning is such a success story; this is one SECRET we are very happy to share.”