10 ways to achieve careers education at home

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1. Explore different job roles and the job market

Videos featuring real people talking about their careers
Information about different job roles
Information about over 350 job roles within the NHS
Lesson plans and articles
Quiz to find jobs that are suited to you
South-West labour market Information
Labour market lesson plan and resources
More labour market information

2. Find out about different courses and pathways

Information about apprenticeships
University exploration and course search
Guides on how subjects link to different careers
Compare universities
Information about uni alternatives
Advice on how to work in certain sectors
Leading university information
Search for courses by location

3. Have a debate

Debate career myths and stereotypes with someone else (online or face-to-face):

“Bricklaying is a man’s job”
“Caring jobs (nurse, teacher, vet etc.) are for females”
“Only rich people go to university”
“Apprenticeships aren’t for academics”
“You need all A’s in your A Levels to go to University”
“Creative Industries don’t make any money”

Follow this up by researching online and writing down your thoughts.

4. Watch educational videos and documentaries

Stacey Dooley’s BBC Series

Follow this up by writing about what you learnt.

5. Play an educational game

Microsoft Minecraft

6. Discover and build upon your skills and strengths

Life skills lesson plans and resources
Lesson plan and worksheet (Use CVDTWINKLHELPS code for free access)
A range of skills-based activities and information
Take this personality quiz
Skills employers want

7. Print and complete worksheets/workbooks

PSHE workbooks
Citizenship workbooks
Skills and activities workbook

8. Take a free online course or lesson

30 Minute Apprenticeship in Business
30 Minute Apprenticeship in Construction
30 Minute Apprenticeship in Marketing
Strengths and Skills (Lesson)
Staying Positive (Lesson)
Finding your Cyber Security Career Path (Free online course)
Career Skills for Investment Banking and Finance (Free online course)
Creativity and Entrepreneurship (Free online course)
Resilience, the art of coping with disasters (Free online course)
Prepare for career success at Uni (Free online course)
Building your career in tomorrow’s workplace (Free online course)
How to start your career in games development (Free online course)
How to succeed in interviews (Free online course)

9. Create a CV and/or write a personal statement

Free app for CV creation CV writing guidance
CV Builder Personal statement guide

10. Browse Careers websites

Careerpilot My Career Springboard All About School Leavers
Start Profile Careers Box Career Connect
Bridge U Success at School Shaw Trust (SEND)
Springpod Gov: Apprenticeships Careers Advice for Parents
National Careers Service Gov: Careers helpline Tees Valley Resources
BBC Bitesize All About Apprenticeships

Here are also some general free online learning sites!

MOOC (Online courses for anyone)
Minecraft (Educational games and activities)
TES (Resources & lesson plans)
Twinkl (Online lessons & activities – Use CVDTWINKLHELPS code for free access)
BBC Bitesize (Online lessons and revision)
Seneca (Online interactive lessons)
Future Learn (Free online courses)
TED (Video lessons)

Download above information as a PDF document