As an integral part of the Year 10 curriculum, your son/daughter will undertake a period of work experience from Monday 16th July to Friday 20th July 2018. The main objective is to give each student a good experience of an adult work environment. It will enable the students to put the knowledge and skills they have learnt in PD into practice in a real workplace situation.

Although students do not go on work experience until July 2018, the process has to start many months in advance in order for all paperwork and checks to take place to ensure your son/daughter’s health, safety and welfare at the placement.

Your child has attended a work experience presentation and received their pack during their PD lesson. In their packs are a list of frequently asked questions, along with an information booklet and the Approval and Consent Form (peach coloured).

Finding a placement

  • Your son/daughter will have PD lessons looking at how to write a letter of application and how to find their own placement. There is a database of local placements on a website, and each pupil will have a unique PIN number to enable them to log on and search for jobs (available at Reception or from PD teacher).
  • There are also a number of placements on the Cornwall County Council website that students can apply for and these are on then follow the link to Schools & Colleges – Information for parents – work experience. Other areas to try are (yellow pages) and adverts in local magazines and newspapers.
  • Also try the Industrial Estates and Business Parks, there are a wealth of companies on the outskirts of town.

I would strongly advise that if a placement has not already been found that one is secured as soon as possible. Many schools in the area are out on work experience during the same week. If students don’t start looking for a placement until nearer the deadline they may be disappointed.

What do we need to do now?

  1. Once a placement has been secured, page 1 should be completed and the employers details needs to be entered at the top of page 2 of the ‘Approval & Consent form’ (peach coloured). It should then be returned to school, where it will be forwarded to the employer with some additional information.

Please do not be tempted to take the form directly to the employer to complete as they will miss out on some vital information that they need to have from school.

  1. When the employer has completed the form they will send it back to the student’s home address.

NB: If the form has not been received back from the employer within a month please contact them to request its return.

  1. Once the form has been received at home section 4 should be signed by the Parent/Carer and student. The completed form must then be retuned back to school reception for processing.

Who to contact in school

If you require any further information or if you need to talk to someone urgently about your son/daughter whilst they are on placement then please contact: Mrs Tracy Boulton (Work Experience Co-ordinator) on 01752 843715, x221 or email

You can download below, a booklet entitled ‘Information for Parents/Carers’ which is produced by Cornwall Council which you are advised to read. There is also information on the Cornwall County Council website address which you may find useful.