We, the Friends of, believe that successful education depends upon a working partnership between students, staff, parents and the wider community. We like to think that all parents of students at are automatic members and offer a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to help fundraise or offer assistance at any of our events. Our committee meetings are held twice a term in the canteen and we encourage all to attend.

We participate in many fundraising activities such as providing refreshments at open evenings/ production evenings, quiz nights, parents v teachers football matches and various raffles. Our annual parents v teachers football match (‘Eat my Goal’) is a fantastic event which is hugely successful and thoroughly enjoyed by all who participate. If you have any fundraising ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as we would love some new ideas.

We have raised funds for a variety of things for, most recently the sound system in the school hall and a canopy in the year 8 playground which has offered the students a sheltered place to socialise and have their lunch. In the past, we have raised funds so the school could purchase their first school minibus as well as assisting the school to achieve the £50,000 sponsorship required to seek Specialist School Status.

The Friends of also facilitate events and always need volunteers to ensure things run smoothly. We have big plans for the future and the chairman, Mr Taylor, would be delighted to hear from anyone regarding attending meetings or taking part in fundraising for the school. You can email FOSCS at We are also on Facebook, where we’ll keep our followers up to date with all the latest Friends of Saltahs news.

100 Club Lottery

If you would like to take part in the 100 Club Lottery, please complete the membership form found in the link here and return it to the school reception.

Winners will be revealed via the school website and Facebook page monthly.

100 Club Winners

May 2017

1st prize – S&P Maddever – £18.00
2nd prize – D&L Stroud – £11.00
3rd prize – T Marquand – £7.00

April 2017

1st prize – Deborah Stoneman – £17.00
2nd prize – Tanya Eatwell – £11.00
3rd prize – Tracey Baker – £6.00

February 2017

1st prize – Isobel Bryce – £19
2nd prize -Gareth Jones – £12
3rd prize – Fay Kiely – £7

December 2016

1st prize – Sadie Arnold – £19.50
2nd prize – H D Coulton – £11.50
3rd prize – Karen Ford – £8

November 2016
1st Prize – Deborah Stoneman – £20
2nd Prize – J&F Spencer – £13
3rd Prize – Tracey Boulton – £8

October 2016
1st prize ‐ Laura Black ‐ £20
2nd prize ‐ David & Lizzie Stroud ‐ £13
3rd prize ‐ Tom Mansell ‐ £8

September 2016
1st prize ‐ D & L Stroud ‐ £20
2nd prize ‐ J & F Spencer ‐ £12
3rd prize ‐ D Stoneman ‐ £8

August 2016
1st prize ‐ Tanya Marquand ‐ £20
2nd prize ‐ Tanya Eatwell ‐ £12
3rd prize ‐ Dave Garland ‐ £8

July 2016
1st prize ‐ Mrs F Watson ‐ £19
2nd prize ‐ Rachel Haimes ‐ £12
3rd prize ‐ Isobel Bryce ‐ £8

June 2016
1st prize ‐ Fay Kiely ‐ £19
2nd prize ‐ Tracey Boulton ‐ £12
3rd prize ‐ Penny Maddever ‐ £8

May 2016
1st prize ‐ Rachel Haimes ‐ £20
2nd prize ‐ Mr Peter Congo ‐ £12
3rd prize ‐ Mr Coulton ‐ £8.00