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Hi, my name is Dylan, and I am in year 7 at saltash.net community school. My transition from Primary to Secondary School could have been hard, particularly because my experience at Primary School was quite rough, so I didn’t really know who to trust. It soon became clear that Mr Rowe and all of the other staff looked after me well.

Now that I’ve settled in I’ve found my place here. IL, or integrated learning has helped me a lot. In IL we learn a little bit of everything through our SECRET skills, from writing poems, to learning about charity and how it effects the lives of people across the globe. We are also learning in IL about the laptop project. What we do is we sign up to this project and then our class’ tech team, a group of children who know a lot about technology, train us on how to use and maintain a laptop. I have done a short story about a raindrop called Keith who experiences the water cycle first hand using this project. I hope you enjoy it!!!