What is special about this subject?
Politics is unlike any other A Level subject because it is so current. Politics is NOW. Politics is ALIVE! What you study at A Level Politics will stay relevant for the rest of your life: the issues we study are about how our society is shaped and organised; it is all about you forming your own opinions about topics that affect us all.

Entry Requirements:
Do you have:

  • an enquiring mind?
  • an interest in the news and in what is going on around you?

Do you sometimes watch the news? Do you always have an opinion on what’s going on? Does puzzling out people’s ideas seem fascinating? Then Politics is for you!

You will need:

  • a competent standard of written English (GCSE English grade C or above),
  • a commitment to extended research and to keeping up-to-date with current affairs (reading a quality newspaper, for example).

Some of the skills are quite similar to History, so if you and studying GCSE History you should be on for Grade C or above.

There are no prior knowledge requirements at all. You just need to be interested!

You will study:
In AS Government and Politics you will study how our government works today.

  • In unit 1 you will ask ‘how well does government and politics deliver what people want?’ and will study Democracy and Participation, Pressure Groups, Elections and Voting, and Political Parties.
  • In unit 2 you will ask ‘how well does government and politics work?’ and will study The Constitution, Parliament, Judges and Civil Liberties, Prime Minister and Cabinet.

In A2 Government and Politics you will study the huge range of ideas different people have about how government should be run. These are called Political Ideologies and they really make you think about your own views.

  • In unit 3 you will look at 4 ideologies with ‘big ideas’ of how society should work: Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism and Anarchism.
  • In unit 4 you will look at 4 ideologies that focus on particular issues: Feminism, Ecologism, Nationalism and Multiculturalism.

Throughout both AS and A2 Level courses you will consider your own ideas and challenge how you think!

You will learn to:

  • Understand how the political system works.
  • Analyse in detail subjects which affect all our daily lives.
  • Write structured answers on all political issues following detailed research.
  • Develop an enquiring approach to current affairs.
  • Gain confidence from class discussion of political events.

Careers & University Pathways:
Politics is a highly valued A Level for a huge range of future career paths. Due to the level of skills and subject knowledge you develop it is valued and well-respected by universities, regardless of your degree course choice. Similarly, in professions the skills of analysis and structured writing are recognised as a strength of Politics students and are sought after.

  • Politics is relevant and useful for a range of career paths, including the Police, the Armed Forces, Education, Health, Law, Business, Journalism, the Civil Service or indeed a career in Politics!
  • You could also go on to study it at many universities, either alone or combined with other subject areas such as Economics, History, Languages or Social Sciences.
  • A Politics A Level is accepted as part of entry requirements for virtually everything.

Examination Board: EDEXCEL – Route B
(8067 for AS)
(9067-70 for A2)

Examination Papers:
AS – Two exams (each for 1 hour 20 minutes)
A2 – Two exams (each for 1 hour 30 minutes)

Exams are a combination of short answer, essay style and source-based questions.

There is no coursework.

Please see the relevant section of the Sixth Form Prospectus

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