Year 7

The aim of this year is to inspire future coders and programmers as well as teaching students to think logically. Students will be using the BBC Microbit with its software to create programs suitable for all needs. Some examples of programs that students will create are fortune teller games and digital keyrings. These sessions will be delivered for 1 hour a fortnight.

Year 8

This year will be split into 3 separate workshops, which aims to give students a variety of activities to develop fundamental skills within Computer Science, consisting of Programming, Content and Creativity. These sessions will be delivered for 2 hours a fortnight.

Lego Mindstorms – Control: Devising a solution to a problem through group collaboration, programming Lego robots to perform simple and more complex tasks. Students will reflect and evaluate the programs created to successfully complete a number of challenges.

Theory – How Computers Work: Understanding the basics of Computer Science, including Hardware, Software and Networking.

App Inventor: Linking creativity when developing the layout and style of their app as well as coding their app to function successfully. Students will plan, develop, test and evaluate in this project.

Year 9

This year provides students with a variety of tasks to give them both an insight into the GCSE Computer Science course and to fully prepare them should they choose this as an option. Lessons will include: creative tasks, programming and tasks linked to understanding Computer Science theory. Some of the software that will be used is Microsoft Office, Python, Flash and MIT App Inventor. These sessions will be delivered for 2 hours a fortnight.