Key Stage 3

Scheme of work outline

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Year 7
    Geography passport
    My space and community
    Geography skills kit
    EU focus on Italy
    Introduction to farming and issues
Year 8
    Physical processes
    River flooding
    Industry, energy and the environment
    Antarctica enquiry and sustainability
    Population and migration
Year 9
    Brazil Ecosystems and Sustainability
    Globalisation, Quality of life and development
    Environmental hazards Tectonics Hurricanes Tornadoes
    National Parks, tourism and sustainability
Key Stage 4

Please see the relevant section of the options booklet below

Year 10: 2018-2020 Options Booklet

Year 11: 2017-2019 Options Booklet Download

Key Stage 5

Please see the relevant section of the Sixth Form Prospectus

2018 Sixth Form Prospectus Download