Y9 Cornwall Skills Show

It was an absolute pleasure to take all of our Year 9 students on 4 coaches to the Cornwall Skills show at the Royal showground in Wadebridge on Tuesday 8th October. The students had already had an assembly led by Dave Sellars, our Cornwall enterprise coordinator who was part of the team that organised the event. This was to allow the students to do some research and thinking prior to the event about what sectors interest them and which stands they wanted to visit and what questions they could ask employers. They found out about the event which  included sectors in Food & Farming, Space & Aerospace, Tourism, hospitality and leisure, Creative & digital, Finance, legal & retail as well as Health, public services & social care. It was great to see prior to the event how much our students were looking forward to it, the day did not disappoint, there were over 2000 students there from different schools in Cornwall.

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You Only Leave Once!

You need to remember that, because of the RPA (Raising of the Participation Age), you have to remain in education or training until you are 18.  This does not mean you have to stay on at school after Year 11.  You can:

  • Stay in full time education at any 6th form or college;
  • Do full-time work-based learning such as an Apprenticeship;
  • Do part-time training alongside working (including self-employment) or volunteering for over 20 hours a week.

In school, in your PD lessons, you will put together a career portfolio that will prepare you for the next step in your career.  This will include visitors from local colleges who will be able to give you lots of advice.  You will all have the chance to meet with a careers adviser from Careers South West to talk through your options and some of you will have more than one appointment, this decision is yours, the more work you do the happier you will be with your choice. Remember you need to do all you can to achieve at least grade 4 in Maths and English else you will have to redo these wherever you go.

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Saltash Community School students impress in business networking event

Saltash Community School is delighted to have taken part in a pilot project organised by Cornwall Business Partnership and GHQ Training, helping to provide fantastic opportunities for our students.

30 students who had previously expressed an interest in doing an apprenticeship after their GCSEs were selected to be involved, with the project providing an insight into the necessary skills and qualities required.

The focus of the project was the Junior Business network event, where students got the opportunity to meet with local businesses and share their future goals. To prepare for this, the project began with a training session with Jay Marriott, Employment Engagement Officer at GHQ, outlining the importance of networking events and the opportunities it provides for students to build contacts. The session also saw students build their confidence through activities that emphasised the importance of communication.

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Saltash Community School launches Children’s University Passport initiative

Saltash Community School was delighted to launch this year’s Children’s University Passport initiative for our new Year 7 students recently, with a fantastic number of parents and students attending to hear more about it.

Children’s University is a national programme where children from the ages of 5-14 are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities, collecting stamps in their ‘Passport to Learning’. Children are presented with certificates in school for reaching certain targets, and are invited to a ‘graduation ceremony’ held annually to celebrate their achievements if they reach gold level.

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Year 11 Aspirations Day motivates students at Saltash Community School

Saltash Community School was all a-buzz recently as students enjoyed the school’s first ever post-16 Aspirations Day. The day was designed to provide Year 11 students with the support and guidance needed to make decisions about their post-16 careers.

Students were off timetable, taking part in a variety of different sessions aiming to provide them with information on all the opportunities they will receive, as well to outline the importance of working hard in preparation for their GCSEs.

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Saltash students shine amongst the areas ‘most employable’

Four Saltash Community School students have been named amongst the most employable 17 year olds in the area, impressing business leaders from across the region in this year’s ‘You’re Hired!’ competition.

The four students – George Lambert-Gorwyn, Kate Randall, Chelsea Adams and Callum Hillson – reached the final of ‘You’re Hired!’ 2018, and competed against finalists from other schools in and around the Plymouth area.

They won through to the final by out-performing eighty other students in a series of business tasks during the school’s own ‘You’re Hired’ day earlier in the year.

The students joined teams of other finalists to complete a challenging task over two days. They were tasked with designing a new theme park for Plymouth from scratch, including the rides, transport infrastructure, staff and budgeting. They then had to present to a panel of business leaders from the area, and answer a series of challenging questions.

The judges commented on the very high standard of all of the teams’ work and praised Saltash Community School for consistently turning out ‘friendly, keen, enthusiastic and employable students’.

Head of Sixth Form Adam Killeya, said, “All four students worked incredibly hard and proved themselves worthy of being named amongst Plymouth’s most employable. We’re always very proud of our students’ academic achievements, but also of what they achieve in a whole range of competitions including sports, public speaking and You’re Hired.”

Kate Randall, whose team ultimately emerged victorious, said, “‘You’re Hired!’ has been an invaluable experience for me as it has given me a chance to push out of my comfort zone and learn new skills that being sat in a classroom simply cannot provide. The tasks tested many personal skills, from teamwork to initiative, under severe time pressure, much like the real world of work.”

Saltash Community School students take on challenge of Work Experience

Over 280 Year 10 and 12 students from Saltash Community School were out on work experience this month, with a variety of employers.

Students enjoyed placements far and wide, with the furthest west being the Isles of Scilly, whilst the furthest north was Cardiff, with the Welsh Football Association. One student had the unusual placement of working for a horse dentist in the local area!

The main objective is to give each student a good experience of an adult work environment, enabling them to improve their employability skills and to put the knowledge and skills they have learnt in their Personal Development lessons in to practice in a real workplace situation.

The process starts many months in advance but always comes together with the help and coordination of our amazing Work Related Learning Administrator, Mrs Tracy Boulton.

Students’ aspirations take to the skies with pilot visit

Saltash Community School was privileged to recently welcome First Officer Michaela Brown into school for the day. Invited on board were students across years 8, 10 and 11, who listened to interesting and exciting tales of how it feels to be in the driving seat of a 66 tonne machine tearing through the sky at 980 km/h!

Aspirations soared sky-high on the day, as students were encouraged to pursue their wildest dreams and explored the initial steps they need to take in order to achieve them. Budding pilots and eager Sixth Formers also took up the opportunity to speak to our high-flying guest and were left inspired and ready to work hard.

Michaela was delighted with the students’ interest in her work.

“It was a fantastic experience meeting the children from Saltash Community School and hearing what amazing ambitions they have for their future! I would encourage all of the children to follow their dreams and not be put off by how unrealistic it may seem at first,” she said.

We are very grateful for the time that Pilot Brown gave to visit Saltash Community School; she certainly left her mark on our students, it was a truly memorable day!