Student wellbeing is central to all we do at community school. Our Pastoral Hub is staffed and open all day for any student who may need to seek advice or deal with an issue. In addition, every morning we run a triage system where organisations from the local community provided support to students who are in need.

We also have an in house counselling service provided by Psychology Associates. has a whole school wellbeing programme, entitled BeWell. This programme gives students the opportunity to discuss the importance of both physical and mental health. Our aim is to help our students build resilience and strength to deal with the new challenges and stresses they face.

BeWell Drop Down Day

In February 2019  students took part in the second BeWell Drop Down Day, as part of the whole school health and wellbeing programme BeWell. On BeWell Day, all students are off timetable and given the opportunity to choose up to 4 sessions and workshops that focus on various different aspects of health and wellbeing. The final session of the day is a period of reflection. Session areas on the day include:

  • Practical fitness sessions.
  • Mixed sessions focusing on nutrition and training.
  • Creative arts sessions.
  • Drugs and alcohol awareness.
  • Dealing with bereavement and loss.
  • Dealing with anxiety.
  • Body confidence sessions.
  • Practical sessions focusing on food, health and wellbeing.
  • Sexuality and gender

Students have been given the option to choose which sessions most appeal to them through an online option form, as it is our aim to deliver a personalised timetable, catered to each individual student for the day. You can read about our first ever BeWell Day HERE, or below.