Welcome to Comic Relief @ Saltash Community School 2013!


We have an array of events coming up for students and staff to get involved in.RND20132

How about on the Thursday 14th March 2013…

Come and be entertained by the “best” Saltash Community School has to offer at our fabulous Variety Show in the main hall.

Or Friday 15th March 2013…

Come and buy some great cakes baked in the Saltash Community School Great Comic Relief Bake Off during lunchtime and build up your energy to take part in the 

Fancy Dress Musical Mile 2013!!!

Take part this year on 15th MarchMake sure you register at reception it is only £1

How is your tutor group doing?

UPDATE…….. Well done to Miss Yvinecs Tutor Group who all registered for the musical mile first and collected their Easter egg prizes!

In case you are wondering this picture was taken on World Book Day and Miss Yvinec is dressed as a ghost (Maybe Casper the friendly….)


You can see the how your tutor group is doing on our “fun-dometers” posted below…

Whole School


Year 7


Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Sixth Form